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The Health Merchant's Mission

"To help all people, young and old, learn about and understand true principles and practices that foster healthy dietary lifestyles and eradicate disease; to eliminate the distribution of foods made with harmful ingredients, including genetically modified organisms (GMO) by giving consumers better alternatives; providing all consumers with access to "CLEAN" foods at the lowest possible prices, including free home delivery."

If you have health-minded patients, clients or customers, or you know how to find them, why not become a Health Merchant and Change the World?

Instead of spending years and millions of dollars to build your own store, why not leverage the power and capabilities of Green PolkaDot Box (GPDB) infrastructure and logistics, and it's advertising and marketing prowess; without all the headaches and hassles of inventory management, order processing and fulfillment and customer service?

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Bonus Offer:

For no additional charge Health Merchants may also earn commissions and bonus income by referring other Health Merchants. In addition to receiving 10% Store Profits on your Store's sales, open the Health Merchant Compensation Plan (below) to learn about nine more ways you can earn commissions and recurring bonuses. Health Merchant Compensation Plan Presentation (PDF)

Live Conference Calls:

Learn from experts about the Health Merchant opportunity and how to maximize store profits by calling into our live conference calls on Tuesdays and Thursday nights at 9:00 PM (EST) and on Saturday mornings at 10:00 AM (EST):

Dial in information: 760-984-1000
Access Code: 677710#

For more information:

Call Health Merchant Legendary Customer Service at (844) 469-6674
Or write to:

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