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Quick Facts

    Health Valley’s Organic Commitment

    …means that all organic ingredients are grown on farms certified to meet the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s rigid organic standards. By using cultivation techniques that respect and sustain the environment now, Health Valley Organic helps ensure the land will still give us healthy foods tomorrow.

    Four Ways to Reduce Sodium Intake

    • Freshen up. Choose fresh or frozen vegetables and vegetable combos. As long as they’re sauce-free, they have almost no sodium. The same holds true for meats, poultry and fish: more processing means more sodium, unless the label states otherwise.

    • Kick the traditional can. When buying canned foods like vegetables, fish, or soups, look for brands that are marked “less sodium” or “no added salt.” Health Valley Organic soups provide a wide variety of unique choices, with the first and only organic “no salt added” soups and a traditional line with 40% less sodium than other leading brands.

    • Rinse and drain. Simply rinsing and draining canned beans – kidney, garbanzo, pinto, and others – removes a lot of their sodium without taking away flavor or texture. Try the same with canned tuna, and sprinkle with fresh lemon juice to brighten the taste.

    • Season to taste. Season dishes with fresh or dried herbs instead of extra salt. When cooking rice, pasta, or hot cereal, avoid salting the cooking water. Food tastes great naturally!

    Source: Health Valley